Evangeline Serrano

Taking personal responsibility for safety

Being Always On for Safety means taking responsibility to ensure that you, your peers, your family and your community are safe. Evangeline Serrano, Environmental Health and Safety Lead for the Asia Strategic Business Unit (SBU), knows a thing or two about taking personal responsibility for safety.

Evangeline is based at our AES Masinloc generation facility in the Philippines. Masinloc is located on the western shore of the Philippines and is approximately five hours by car from Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. What drives Evangeline to take safety seriously for herself and her peers? Her genuine concern for others’ well-being. It’s that same genuine concern and commitment to safety that motivated Evangeline to take on safety responsibilities not only for the Masinloc plant but for the entire Asia SBU, which includes India and Vietnam along with the Philippines.

Evangeline has been instrumental in improving Masinloc’s safety program and has proven her commitment time and time again by training others on safety principles and leading the local safety committee to promote a culture of safety at the plant. With her expanded role for the SBU, Evangeline has taken that same level of personal responsibility and commitment to new heights. Just recently, as a certified AES auditor, she led the safety audit of OPGC in India.

Evangeline didn’t wait for anyone to tell her to make safety a priority and work to ensure that others are living our first Value of Putting Safety First. Instead, she took initiative and made it her personal responsibility to be Always On.