Francisco Jaque

Always On even when the plant is off

A scheduled power plant outage is the planned shutdown of a generating unit, transmission line or other facility for inspection, maintenance or refueling. During a scheduled outage, equipment is cleaned, parts are replaced as needed and other routine maintenance activities take place. Since the plant is not producing power, outages must be done within a designated time frame—so the work must be done quickly. That’s one reason why scheduled outage activities are riskier compared to normal operations. How does a power plant mitigate this risk and ensure the safety of its people during a scheduled outage? By employing experienced people like Francisco Jaque that are Always On for Safety. Francisco is the Occupational Safety and Health Leader at Complejo Costa, Ventanas part of AES Gener in Chile.  

Earlier last year, Francisco participated in a major maintenance project for Unit 2 at Ventanas during a scheduled outage. The maintenance project was completed with no lost time incidents to report. While safety is everyone’s job, Francisco was recognized for his leadership in ensuring that the team was able to perform their duties safely. During this same time, Francisco also had to fulfill his responsibilities as an AES Gener Safety Management team member. Francisco pulled double duty but the results of no lost time incidents were well worth the extra effort.  

Francisco highlights how we must all be committed to safety even when we’re against the clock. There are no shortcuts when it comes to safety.