Krasimir Petrov

Let’s talk about safety

“Hi, I’m Krasimir and today we’re going to talk about safety.”

That’s how Krasimir Petrov starts the weekly meetings for the Material Handling Department at AES Maritza in Bulgaria, part of the Europe Strategic Business Unit. Krasimir’s commitment to safety is especially evident in his dedication for training others on safety and ensuring that personal protection equipment (PPE) meets the necessary standards.

When it comes to training, in addition to leading weekly department safety meetings, Krasimir also develops safety training programs and related collateral to share with his colleague and AES contractors. His extensive knowledge from developing training materials also makes his an invaluable collaborator in EHS internal audits and developing safety questionnaires for safety workplace practices.

Along with safety training, Krasimir is especially passionate about testing PPE. PPE protects our people from potential hazards, injury and infections. Krasimir is serious about ensuring his team’s PPE equipment meets proper standards. He has taken a disciplined approach in the adoption of PPE and selects the best PPE available for his colleagues.

Krasimir is Always On for Safety by not only training his colleagues but outfitting them with the safest PPE available as well.