Luis Carlos

Who let the dogs out?

Luis Carlos isn’t afraid of dogs, in fact, he likes them very much—he just doesn’t want to be bit by one. Can you blame him? As a meter reader at AES Sul in Brazil, Luis and his fellow meter reader colleagues are at risk every day of being bit by customers’ pets. And unfortunately, Luis was a victim of one such incident.

Instead of lamenting over his situation, Luis turned this incident into a learning opportunity. Inspired by sports he enjoyed such as soccer and hockey, Luis came up with an innovative solution to a risky situation. He decided to wear shin guards when reading meters. If shin guards can protect a soccer player’s shins from being pummeled by a misplaced kick from an opponent, or protect a hockey player from an agonizing hockey stick to the shins, it could certainly help protect him from a dog bite. At AES, we encourage innovative ideas that improve the way we do business and Luis’ supervisors recognized that this was a good idea worth replicating. In fact, the shin guards were deemed mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) for all AES Sul meter readers as they are an excellent prevention measure against pet bites.  

Not only does Luis exhibit what it means to be Always On for Safety, he also represents innovation at AES, where all ideas, no matter how big or small, are welcome.