Niko Dixon

Model behavior

Who better to talk to a group of engineering students about safety than someone that lives and breathes safety principles? Meet, Niko Dixon. He’s a team member at AES Alamitos, a generation facility in California, part of the US Strategic Business Unit, and he lives and breathes safety. Ask any of his colleagues what they think of when they think of Niko and you’ll get responses back like “he’s always reviewing our work permits and job safety analyses (JSAs),” or maybe you’ll hear “this man loves to do a lockout/tagout audit.” That’s just how dedicated Niko is to safety.

That’s also why Niko was the perfect host for a group of engineering students who were touring the plant to learn more about the power industry. As part of the tour, Niko mixed power plant industry best practices along with safety best practices. Niko exemplifies what we mean by being Always On for Safety for your community. His model behavior also extends to his daily work activities as he diligently ensures that any unsafe condition or practices are corrected immediately.

Safety is a lifestyle—one where always doing things the right way, the safe way, is simply a really good habit. No matter if you’re at work, at home or in the community, we must be Always On for Safety and serve as a model for others.