Nitbelle Aizprua

What’s the safest way to do this?

We have a lofty but attainable goal at AES; we strive to be an incident-free workplace. Being an incident-free workplace doesn’t happen on its own. We must take personal responsibility for the safety of ourselves, our peers and our families. We have to be Always On and develop processes that ensure the safety of our people. Nitbelle Aizprua is working diligently to make AES Changuinola an incident-free workplace by developing processes that addresses the question: What’s the safest way to do this?

Nitbelle is an operations leader at AES Changuinola, a hydroelectric plant in Panama and part of the MCAC Strategic Business Unit. During her Work Activity Observations, Nitbelle identifies unsafe behaviors and conditions that can be improved. Nitbelle hasn’t encountered a process that she couldn’t make safer yet. Nitbelle understands that by incorporating safety into our work processes, we inherently practice safe behaviors and promote a safety culture within the organization both with our people and our contractors. Just recently, she has led the efforts to promote a systemic safety culture through the implementation of a Safety Management System (SMS) at Changuinola.

Putting safety first has to be a permanent mindset and when we incorporate safer practices into our processes, we can achieve our goal of being an incident-free workplace.