Repowering Puerto Rico

We are the energy. We are Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Maria reached landfall on Puerto Rico in September and left the island devastated. As the owner and operator of the least cost, most reliable power resource on the island for the past 15 years, we are committed to helping our people and the island recover from this natural disaster with our resources, experience, and technical capabilities.

After The Storm

Following the hurricanes, we have provided critical assistance to our people and local communities.

Repowering Puerto Rico

We are committed to doing what it takes to repower Puerto Rico. As one of the largest power producers on the island with assets available today to dispatch into the grid, we are working closely with first responders, including FEMA, PREPA (the Puerto Rican Electric Power Authority) and all levels of government in Puerto Rico, to put existing electric infrastructure assets back online to help restore electric service as soon as possible.

As the global market leader in battery-based energy storage, we have been quickly assessing and offering feasible, effective solutions for Puerto Rico's short-term recovery - which can provide emergency power to critical facilities such as hospitals or help key commercial and industrial facilities get back online.

We believe electricity is a fundamental societal infrastructure in the world. Access to power transforms societies. We have an opportunity to incorporate the best mix of technologies to make the system in Puerto Rico an active, resilient infrastructure that enables energy to become abundant and improve the way we work and live.

We're In This All Together

We are working every day to deliver on our mission of improving lives and in this case making Puerto Ricans’ lives easier. In a moment of crisis, neighbors help each other, and that’s what we have been doing. We are Puerto Rico, and we will get through this together.